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Anany's picture

that's great Zer , thank you Biggrin , btw this is a great postion for sniper camper :v

zer's picture

For Anany Smile

Anany's picture

Wooooo , this is so great debbie , luv it 

Debbie's picture

Ahmed ElSayed's picture

Nice Anna.

Anna's picture

i am happy that i can stream now.... and when i saw a patch uptade on GeForce Experience that they made it possible to stream only on certain group or page on facebook... i did it... (so easy to set up over gf Experience) and for the sake of the page activity i am planing to stream whenever i can... Smile 

M@v's picture

Thanks Anna, were all famous now.......... Smile


Eternity's picture

Thank you, Anna!!!

Have all a nice day!! <3

YywiyY's picture

Many kudos to Anna-san for posting our sniper server footage from yesterday evening on facebook.) Watched it on my wife phone - funny stuff.)

And Geremin-san has such a sexy voice.))

MrKwik's picture