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TegCAL's picture

I thought we can have fun with hitler lol
let's Laugh a little

I am trying to find one about Hitler plays MOHAA lol

Baatus's picture

Slimbips's picture

good song paulina Smile


Paulina's picture

i love this song Slim (;

something from me

Slimbips's picture

morning guys Smile

Slimbips's picture

i think thats allready like that, but yeah playign matches should gain alot of points, maybe people will play more matches

Toxic's picture

when i was on the 47th they had a ranking system that also contained matches , active on website , likes , posting .

maybe clanto clan match or matches between clanmembers can create points to 

Slimbips's picture

have to figure out yet what i want to do with those points, i can not think of an good one at the moment, i cant give people more permission by being more active as i dont wanna give everyone more persmissions to do stuff on the website :P.


so i have to outhink this

Toxic's picture

so you get those new taggs by new entry or totall entrys ? 

wich forum part can i spam to get them , cause seems old entrys are not counted xD

Toxic's picture

thats an oldie slim , hakkuh !!