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Welcome to LuV Clan
Alhamd |trl|'s picture

sorry for the spam that was an accident

Alhamd |trl|'s picture

Slimbips no server show up there


Slimbips's picture

=|LuV|= Alhamd |trl|, if u are in the game go to main menu... go to the right "red door" than click on the closet and change your connection to LAN

Eternity's picture

Ohhh, thank you Entropy :)! Xx

Miss u too, Felis! Im with Lara, come back!!

Lara Croft's picture

Miss u 2 felis ..... hurry and get back to gaming !!! X

Entropy's picture

Ahah Et, those are some cute 'horns and a pink nose and ears' xD
Have a nice day everyone :>

feliscatus's picture

how can i be left behind xD,mineee tooo reaaal as always Blum 3 one of kissing style x anyway,miss u ET,lara and ladies... <3

Lady's picture

Heyya Luvvis ♡♡♡ 

Alhamd |trl|'s picture

Wazzuh squad I have to say that i have a Freakin Bad luck i downloaded the Mohaa After 7 days and the Luv clan servers ping is high af for me Lol

Eternity's picture

Thanks Lara hahaha my pic is all real too, i have horns and a pink nose and ears Biggrin  hihihi have a great day, sweety xxxx!