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Eternity's picture

Good afternoon, Family ❤️

Have a great sunday :3

Slimbips's picture

@Anıl, im sorry i accidentaly removed yor application... can u create a new one?.

greets slim!

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Rebuilding a car geremin?, why and what u gonna rebuild?, ur gonna do it @ your own place or somewhere else?


Geremin's picture

Hi all,

long, long week away till Thurs then up and down England to fetch a car.

Next re-building car.... still home now and in a killing mood!


C U on the servers



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Heeey Crazy but sweet group of nuuumbnuuutsss!!!!!!!! Smile

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Wishing you all a great weekend❤️

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.body every hello

!!♥ Time nice a have

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morning my family XD


Eternity's picture

Feliiiiiiiiiis <3