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Miss Innocent's picture

No problem at all Slimmie Smile Thanks for helping with my mohaa as well~though it just didn't work again when I went to UB's xDD I'm giving up.

Slimbips's picture

Thanks Eternity :), still alot work to do but well get there :), take a look at here

new just for fun tournament starting :), maybe u can kill some luv noobs in here Blum 3

Eternity's picture

The new appearance of the web is sooo nice! Regards!

Slimbips's picture

thanks for helping miss inncocent!!

Slimbips's picture

guys i need some 3rd person players ot test the 3rd person server please.. message me!

Slimbips's picture

i am fixing the 3rd person server at the moment, been busy all morning to get it fixed and running, after that i will try to see if i can fix the read more buttons..... so i can make a banner for the 3rd person server and poeple can use the read more button Smile

so if someone likes to help and see what im doing on the 3rd server... help is very welcome Smile

MustardNL's picture

Slim, is it just me, or aren't the 'Read More' buttons not working?

Slimbips's picture

thank you paulina Smile

Paulina's picture

Oh the new website, very clear and pretty. Good job Smile