Server switch
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Server switch

Why you switch players from your server to another without asking if we like to switch ?

what is that for a behave I dont like this

if you dont like that we play on your server give me a call

and I stop playing on your servers

Greetings Grimreaper

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I understand why you put in the mod Slimpie.. 

Only problem I have sometimes is that the second server is empty, can't play then, but okay, can't lose either...someone has to be in there first  Smile

Please keep playing Grim, at least you are easy to kill and I can get my score up Biggrin


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Angry cause of your kids? That's not possible Blum 3 I'm the best daughter at all Biggrin

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Hahahaha Grim XD,

We have console messages appearing in server wich tell you about this new mod.... it says "*NEW MOD BLA BLA"
As soon u join the server u see a message... and 15 seconds after joining the server it shows a message again.

i will now add another message on the website and than i hope its enough :P, if not i will ask RTL if i can advertise on the television :), but than we need an donation of 15.000 first :P.

I can remomened PEARL, i heard they have good glasses :P.

If i would redirect you rigth away wehn u join the server and u and up in the other server... u will get confused becease u cant see whats happening... thats why it takes 15 seconds.
also a reason is... when u enter the server u will see a message... but that message appears in spec.
after 15 seconds u are in a team and playing... the message appears again... that shows to all people that server is full and u are redirected, we have alot members that liek to play obj maps... so if they see you moved with some other guys becease of the messages.... they will come to, and the server will fill itself.

thats a bit the idea behind it, if u have more tips on how i can advertise this for blind people... im always open for a chat :P.

haha greets slim!

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first it is good that you thinking about the future of Mohaa so maybe this is also a good idea the future will show this but for sure fact is me and other dont realise this message about server is full and you getting switched

maybe it was not long enough on the screen or we need better glasses lol

so you play 20 seconds on the server killing someone and then you get switched, the first thing if you think is why

the most players that getting switched with me yesterday, dont know your new idea and also dont see this message  and the most have the same feeling like me, they was really upset so maybe it is good to set a message on the second server.

that players getting switched for reason server is full so that every player that dont know this new thing  have a chance to traceable why

and maybe it helps also if you put this on your webside, I go one or two times peer week on your homepage but I dont see a post about this

or I dont see or understand this message if you set one at your homepage

because my english is not good

so if I the only one that have a prob with this you have to know I getting old and angry so maybe the reason for this are my kids and also that Iam a Grandpa he he he



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The server is at some times always full, and than i get apped and messaged on the website to kick spectators so they can enter.
sometimes they cant enter for like 30 minutes and they asked me to add more slots, but than the server gets lagga and also the 40 slots get full.

so i had to think of an solution and this is my solution:

normal when server is full u get a screen "Server Is Full".
instead of that u get now a message when u join the server that its full and u will get transfered.... 15 seconds later again a message that u will be transfered.... than 5 seconds later it will redirect you.

in this way people dont get into the "server is full screen" but they get redirected to an exact same server with obj maps added.

now we have 2 active servers wich is toptaly awesome for our clan.... but also for the mohaa community.
everywhere u see servers dying, and there are less and less server every year.

luv is the only clan that is still working hard to keep this game alive, and im still working everyday on outhink the activity on mohaa itself.

so in my opinion this idea is realy a good thing.
i hope u can see that also.

greets slim