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CoD4 RotU
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CoD4 RotU

Hey guys! 
I need to write a few thing. (BTW sorry for my englsih)
- First of all my friend downloaded the mods and he can't hear the music in game(he tried to reinstall the mods).
- The Toujane map doesn't loading. When we choose that map, the server just load the map where we played before.
- When you buy a random weapon and it gives you the ray guy, it's gone away, you can't get and you lost your primary weapon.
- Lastly, the server needs some new zombies map, so please upload new ones Biggrin

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we need to wait for the new rotu zombies update, the latest one is from 2014

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Those bugs have been around for a while now and as i usually say its difficult for all of our servers to be kept up to date because our modder stormyy (the assistant clan leader) is very busy with work, and when he's not at work he has projects he works on. He will update all servers but in time, for now just please be patient