Proposal::All Weapons for Allies/Axis
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Proposal::All Weapons for Allies/Axis

I've experienced many times that many players (except a few) prefer to join Axis team. Few reasons can be:

1. Model taunts, provided they like to hear them alot
2. Team spawn locations (Axis have more scattered spawns resulting in better survival position, we have already discussed that with no conlusion)
3. Liking for Axis weapons. This is a little bit debatable point but at the end it boils down to this;
               - Axis MG is way too faster (with slightly less damage than BAR) with more bullets than allies (20 vs 30 bullets).
                -Axis Sniper is twice as fast as Allies
                -Rest of the weapons are more or less the same and few players use them

So, how about giving players choice of weapons from both teams no matter which team they join. Like by default is their team default weapon but pressing the same weapon key again gives them other team weapon. This mod has been used on some other servers and players liked it alot.

I think this would hurt nobody as players who like default team weapons will have those without problem.

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Just throwing it out here even though its a old post..


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thats totaly not cool as u cant hear wich is on your team or not, i like to steal an axis gun so my opponent thinks that im his teammate... not a good thing to mess that up imo

if we want a modded server we should use server2 and see if someone wants to play it

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So can you put this in Obj FT server.

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There are some servers that give you both weapons of the same class. If you are Axis and select MG, you'll start with the STG, but if you scroll or use the 4-key, you'll get the BAR. Not sure what this mod is called though.
I'd like to see this as well. My preference of team is purely weapon based. For MG maps, I like Allies for the BAR. But for sniper maps, I like being Axis because that sniper is better.
But only when team balance allows it though, otherwise it's just tough luck.

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one big thing is u can no longer tell by sound where enemys are if they can all use allied weapons since spawn otherwise yea i agree depending on map stg vs bar is not equal, mostly in terms of accuracy, still u can always just steal the weapon of ur preference, just bash the guy first Blum 3