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Cube 2: Sauerbraten
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Cube 2: Sauerbraten


Recently I came across this game. Some time back I had tested Cube. This one is based on newer Cube 2 engine but still quite old. I like it because:

1. Easily playable even on old PCs.
2. Decent graphics
3. Great gameplay
4. Much more fast and responsive
5. Easy Map voting at end of every map
6. Alot of default maps with many gametypes (including CTF)
7. Free to download from
8. Players with low and high pings don't feel any difference in gameplay (Main strength of Cube Engine)
9. You can spec any player in real first person mode to see and enjoy pro gameplay
10. Very easy to start a server
11. You can practice with BOTS with easy settings of skills. Highest skills is AIMBOT with 9999999% accuracy Smile

1. Client side processing so easy to cheat
2. After playing this MOHAA feels like a snail, some people might find it too fast
3. Since its quite old so no further game development
4. Very few servers.

I don't know if any of you knew about it before. But if you have not, do give it a try. Be a lil bit patient and soon you will start liking it. Maybe Slim can even start a dedicated LuV server as well.

Here is a demo for you to enjoy:

Thanks for reading. Happy shooting.