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Hello everybody!

My name is Hansi and I just wanted to introduce myself Smile
I'm from Germany near the dutch border and I'm 34 years old.
I used to play MOH:AA since it was released and was very active at this time (yes, with an other nickname with I dont use anymore). But then, other games (CS 1.6, BF and stuff like that) got my full attention. So MOHAA fell into oblivion.
Until a few weeks ago, I felt in love again on this wonderful server with so much nice people who like the old lady MOH:AA, too Smile

I want to give a big "thank you" to Slimbips for supporting me, getting alphamac to run. Really appreciate it.

See you on the server!

gg and hf


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hey Hansi altes Haus..sehen uns aufm Server Smile

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HF on the server again and nice to see ya on the webby.  Smile  

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Abend Hansi.
schön zu sehen, dass du auch auf dem luv-Server nach Mohaa zurückgekehrt bist. siehe auf dem Server.
Grüße Trebb

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Nice to see you on webby Hansi, glad you're enjoying LuV server Smile