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Ideas MOHAA server
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Ideas MOHAA server

Hey everyone,

Ive been playing for quite a while on the mohaa server and I started to ask myself:
Why do we not use freeze tag obj maps also in the rotation? Ive seen people ask for the hunt or V2 for quite some time now.

It does not have to be objective, but maybe just the maps? (I do love the objective missions though Wink
What is your guys opinion on this matter?

Greetings, Retep

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io dont want obj in nopn objective server.... thats it, we have obj serve rbut people are to lazy to start it up

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Slim has already one FT objective server running. But apparently it is down at the moment. It has custom maps namely Renan and St Lo (and I like both of these maps). However, for objective maps (specially custom) FT coordinates may not be there so it will be a pain in the butt to find your frozen team mates unless you are on TS. Rest is upto Slim to decide Blum 3

For me, if I find players on objective FT, I'll surely join in (as long as it is not 3rd person).