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i'm Back ( Ruffy )
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i'm Back ( Ruffy )

Hello LuVsssss <3

Been So Long! , Its Ruffy Here

First of All , i'd to say hello to everyone and its good to see this game is alive Somehow Biggrin

For those who dont know me in the Clan My name is Ruffy sometimes i used RuffelBuff Aswell , have been a member in the Clan since 2017 ,  
For somereason cant retrive my old acc , i Dont remember the Password and mailing a password request for some reason doesnt work , So i made this new acc

i Hope u are all well and Safe <3

Also i dont know if there is changes in the clan Biggrin so if someone can inlight me would be good Biggrin
one more thing is there a way to contact server admins i mean like the old luv whatsapp Group

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Maybe you should have Private messaged that Email, also If it was Ruffy as i know then i imagine he would have said something to me or Stormyy so maybe it's not the Ruffy we know idk

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Welcome back Ruffy ,i have seen you on the server lately ,if you have question just ask . The most new on the server for now is volute its an anticheat program way better than alphamac ,you can customize volute more . Read more about it on

Cheers Mr.GG

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Heey ruffy welcome back :).

Displayname: Ruffy
Username: Amr Yosry

I send u a new password in your inbox so u can unlock your old account

We still have the whatsappgroup for admins, and most of the time an admin is in the server.
Just find some stuff out and u will be up to date soon :).

Green Machine is the big Mohaa boss now, so mohaa related stuff u can ask him.
Mr.GG can give u also alot of answers.

Nice to seeya back!