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=|LuV|= 3rd revival
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=|LuV|= 3rd revival

Hello.., i have always been a fan of luv 3rd and i had great memories there from the time it was v2 only to when it became custom maps and when it had the football mod and conquer the fort  and sometimes it was sniper only - aw mix and remember those custom maps i love that i had memories in like st renan and st lo and rockbound.. I used to take selfies with my friends in these maps and so sad that its dead.. So i would be happy to revive it was a couple of friends but we would fail currently because mohaa isnt as it was from 6 or 7 years a big ratio of players now barely know how to play the game they arent aware what is kicking and banning and other stuff, so we and my friends would play with no external clients so i suggest that the rotation becomes stock maps till we gain continous clients then when we can communicate with them and send them custom maps then it could be custom maps again and we will be able to revive it.. If some luvers want to join me and play id be so grateful i will begin at 2nd of sept. Because currently iam at summer holiday.. 

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I can be there on 2nd. 3rd was allways fun for me.
Lets try it out.)