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People still play on our server?, yes or no and why? (minecraft)
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People still play on our server?, yes or no and why? (minecraft)

anyone playing this?, or should we completely start over?

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I was thinking of making the new world the default world and the old world as a second world. (Like it is now but switched), This fixes beds and nether prob for new world. But breaks it for the old world

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I'd still like to play but at the moment I'm quite busy so don't have the time, but if you do start fresh i would like a copy of the map as i have also built things i would like to keep should i ever need them or want to build from them

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I still go there seldom, when I have patience, as I slowly work on my city... But to be fair I don't think much more people play on that world... I think Ronnie and Teg often play on the "new" one, which as far as I know lacks Nether and End dimensions... If the old world is only there for me then I think it makes little sense on keeping it up... But if it gets down I would like to get the world file as I have way too many hours there that I would hate to see it all lost...
Let's wait for other replies, to see if anyone would mind and/or if people want to start over...

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NO i don't Wink