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A question ?
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A question ?

Greetings to all  Here ! Im player of LuV server named : =|LuV|=Cpt.Miller, i wanna to discuss about something Related to mohaa and my main (Folder) its about custom Skins,

so i have 2 file Pk3 Custom skins my friend gave me them as a files, now i wanna take a perm of one of admins or anyone to tell me if i can play with custom skins i have link for 2 of them 1 for allies and one for axis please tell me if its allowed or not i can give link of them for any admin to check, also i tryed them in another server With (AlphaMac)
and alphaMac said Pure when i saw my Status: Pure, so please tell me if that allowed or not thank you for reading this, regards.

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No!....... only BA skinpack is allowed... other skins will be seen as a cheat...... specialy the skins u use on on the wov servers.... please remove them and use the skinpack from our website!

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Its ok as alphamac says pure/clean.