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Which theme u like the most?
Zware's picture

baatus, are you workin on the ajax theme already ? and me love nature Smile

Baatus's picture

Army!! but Darks a good second

Legion's picture

Dark !! Smile

zer!'s picture

Those who are voting for anything else than "Dark" are basically hacking to raise the count Wink

Slimbips's picture

first version?

Stormyy ©'s picture

First version of nature

Entropy's picture

Ah! Done, thank you, I'm a noob Biggrin

Slimbips's picture

press ctrl + F5 entropy Wink

Entropy's picture

I meant those, were those that you changed? Because for me they look the same lol

Slimbips's picture

changed it to white Smile

Entropy's picture

I voted Dark but Puppy is what I'm using now, its the close second! There's only a minor issue with it, the green letters saying "no updates" @Home don't show very well, or it might be my tired eyes lol

Emptiness's picture

puppy ofc <3