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Why My FINAL SOLUTION Is Better Than Yours (clickbait title)
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Why My FINAL SOLUTION Is Better Than Yours (clickbait title)

Hello my clan plebians. I encountered an annoying problem with low space on my C hard drive recently, so I just want to show you people a simple solution to that problem that helped me a lot.

Free space before any action taken: 8GB from total 110GB

Actions taken to free some space:
- disk cleanup (its a tool in windows 10 that helps you delete stuff like old windows update files etc.)
- ccleaner (program to clean all the shit on your hard drive like browser cookies etc.)
- normal uninstalling programs that are not usefull or needed

Space after this: 10GB from total 110GB

Preaty much useless work that didn`t help much. After than i simply checked what is taking so much of my free space. (right click on folders and properties to check the size of the folders)
Folder VirtualStore in %localappdata% 40GB.... WTF.... what is inside the folder?? Activision\Call of Duty 4 folder .... WTF.... chceking normal instaled game size ~6GB space on here ~40GB.... WTF..... checking each subfolder for size.... Screenshot folder with 38GB of screenshots that i dont remember to ever make oldest from year 2019 and funniest thing all saved as .tga files....

Free space after this: ~40 GB from total 110GB

Thats all i wanted to share with you. Maybe this will help someone in the future.

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Niceee thank you!!