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Wich server would you like to see next to Freeze-Tag Server?
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doesnt work zer, becease its freezetag there is something with the spawnhandling at the start wich if i make the draw quicker people can draw an mg, this is the only sniper mod that works properly for freezetag

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@Slim, can you please fix the mod so that rifles are drawn quicker. At the moment it takes considerable time for axis to draw rifle (as compared to sniper) while allies have to switch from sniper to rifle altogether, wasting crucial time. Smile

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Thanks for the idea zer and thanks for ur effort slim.. love the new one! Wink

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i think thats a good one, and one that i would play, and im the only person that takes effort to make a server active... so im gonna setup that one Smile brb Blum 3

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I've said it before and I say it again:

Sniper / Rifle only mod (1 shot 1 kill). Map rotation could be v2 / dm6 (no custom for sure). Mod can be default or FT.

I know many players who prefer to play on Rifle only servers and they are good players.

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free for all , all maps?

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Yeah Gunner FFA all day every day 24/7 Smile

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Hey! Freeze tag objective custom maps Wink